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One of the first schools of handwriting anaysis in Russia welcomes you here!


What is graphology?

 Graphology is the art of reading character by studying handwriting.  It is also called handwriting analysis. Therefore, we use those terms interchangeably.

 We were all taught to write in a specific way when we were children at school, but no one continues to write exactly the way they were taught, and everyone’s handwriting looks different. In fact, as soon as someone can write, he or she gradually alters the shapes and sizes of letters in accordance with individual likes and dislikes. After we were taught to write, our personalities affect the way our handwriting develops.


Handwriting analysis is based on the principle that every individual’s handwriting has a character of its own and this is entirely due to the uniqueness of the writer’s personality. Handwriting reveals how the writer thinks, feels and behaves, and it does so directly and immediately. It shows the motivation that lies behind actions, and outlines the writer’s propensity to behave in ways that may not be expected. Handwriting analysis does not only allow to examine behavior, but also subconscious motivations or the whys that lie behind actions, providing information that could not be established in any other way or in such a quick time. The beauty of handwriting analysis is that it doesn’t matter how often or infrequently you write, how ugly or practiced your handwriting, it will always have meaning to the eye of the trained graphologist in the context of personality and character evaluation.


The writer’s deviations from the copybook learnt that allows expert graphologists to assess, with the greatest accuracy, the character and capabilities of the writer. Graphologists see before them, in black and white, the pattern in symbolic form of a writer’s whole psychological profile. By contrast, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists all over the world must formulate their own opinions solely on the basis of what is told to them over a period of time by the client in question.
Graphology is a blend of art and science. It is a science because it measures the structure and movement of the written forms – slants, angles and spacing are accurately calculated and the pressure is observed in magnification and with precision. And it is an art because the graphologist has constantly to keep in mind the total context in which the writing is taking place: the ‘gestalt’ of the writing as a whole.


Who are we?

We are one of the first graphology schools in Russia. It is true that graphology is a very, very young science in Russia. Many people do not even know what this word means. Nevertheless, we search to change that and to develop handwriting analysis with Cyrillic alphabet.

My name is Tatiana EFREMOVA. I am a handwriting analyst. I began to study graphology in 2009 in the Institute of Graphoanalysis of Inessa Goldberg, Israeli graphologist working with Cyrillic handwritings. In 2013, I discovered for myself French graphology in Société Française de Graphologie.

I continue to learn and to search for new knowledge in the field of graphology to use them for the development of graphology in Russia.

So, we search for foreign colleagues who are interested in professional exchange of knowledge and just our friendship.



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